Tuesday, March 30, 2010


At the risk of angering Anons by posting something that is not Dallas related or League related,
The Houston Major Zone is this weekend. Several DFW players are making the trip, including Cary "Lucky Thunder" Bazan.
Some numbers that interest me,
3.5 draw size - 45
4.0 draw size - 87
4.5 draw size - 85
5.0 draw size - 10
Looks like the end of the year ratings moves have produced a major clog in the middle of the pipeline. Statistically speaking, as skill levels increase the number of players should get lower.(fyi only six 3.0 players).
Quick observations -
3.5 - is 3.5 even relevant anymore? I'll pick "W BECK" because you must be hiding something if you won't give the USTA your first name and it takes balls to spell your name in all caps.
4.0 - James Taylor is a pretty good pick to make it out of the top half of the draw.
Bottom half ??? nobody really sticks out down here, Maybe just root for Cary and Bob Somabut.
4.5 - We have a pretty tough first round match here between Philip Griggs and Brandon Myers.
4.5 pick maybe, Adam Ewing? Looks like he has been to the finals of a MZ a couple times before.