Friday, June 19, 2009

Hitting the Grass - Wimbledon 2009

This year's grass event is intriguing even though Nadal is out.

A couple of obvious plotlines:

- Will Federer continue to capitalize on Nadal's absence to lock down GOAT status (if he hadn't already).

- Will Andy Murray electrify Britain and keep the trophy home for first time since Fred Perry.

- If Murray does win, will he wear a kilt to the Champion's ball (he is a Scot after all and it would help to distract the attention away from that weird hair)

- Can Andy Roddick take advantage and at least play for the title again?

- Will James Blake show up?

- Will the Bryan Brothers finally get back on track?

Some very good first round matches to look forward to:

- Lleyton Hewitt vs Robby Ginepri
- Andy Roddick vs Jeremy Chardy
- Sam Querrey vs Ivan Ljubicic
- Rainer Schuettler vs Xavier Malisse
- James Blake vs Fabrice Santoro (i love watching how he confounds everyone on tour - he's retiring this year)

Grass is unpredictable but I think Federer's dominance is not. He will win again.


  1. Cool Story, Bro

  2. Let's stick to Dallas tennis, buddy
    If I want to talk pros I'll go to the tennis warehouse boards

  3. I think Sisk is on his way over there to try and get federer to self-rate and join his team!!!

  4. good story, but how's Tyler going? That is of more interest to locals.

  5. Actually I just realized I got a free preview of the tennis channel so I was watching the nadal v.fed match I am way more into wimby than the hotter than hell tyler tourney.

    I am hoping for a Murray win so Fed will have to work for it in NY to break the record

  6. ... and who's Will Federer?

  7. I am wayyy hoping for a Federer win. With the Nadal injuries, will Nadal be looked backed upon in history and be considered a flash in the pan?

  8. I think it is andy murray's all the way. I have not seen the draw but if fed. gets knocked out its murray's to loose.

  9. Big Turd
    You are a dump ass

  10. Rockettman - Dude what are you thinking? Don't you have better things to do that start a string on Wimbledon? I thought you were fighting the DTA and reorganizing the USTA .... You need to get your head out of your ass and work on your game,

  11. Don't kid yourself. Murray is a pusher.

  12. LOL at James Blake! This hack lost in the 1st round! he is the most overratted player on the tour!

  13. does he look like someone in Dallas 4.0 Tennis????? Hmmmm

  14. "- Will James Blake show up?"

    we now know the answer to this one cary question. James Blake - what a sham.

  15. So who won Wymbleton?