Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tri-level Preview - Mission Impossible 2 - Man Down

All dressed up and no team to play on.

Getting me on a tri-level team.  Seems to be impossible.  I know it’s too late this year but what would I have done anyway? 
I could have tried to join Sisk/Kanchi but what would they do with ten 4.5s.  And I’d imagine I wouldn’t even get a T-shirt if I didn’t play at cities anyway.  Clearly I’m not saying I’m better than the guys they have, although I’ve heard that Davidson guy is pretty rusty.  Where’s the love for blog guy?  I did pick you to win after all. 
Team Vince, what to say.  These guys are pretty likeable and I don’t think I’d embarrass myself.  I mean I wouldn’t be the worst 4.5 on this lineup.  But man, I really don’t think I could take the team practices.  I’ve heard it’s boot camp with a bunch of crazy-ass drills and games that make very little sense.  Maybe you should practice by just playing tennis.  I’m pretty sure that’s still how the event is played. 
Team Jeung is more my speed.  I said in the last post that this is the team I’d join and I stand by that.  Traylor, Robinson, Carlquist, Bearden, Somabut and Williams; those are some guys I could hang out with.  And you’d certainly be able to maintain your proper hydration levels.
Team Mayer and Myers, I’m sure you’re good guys but you fall into a void.  If I wanted a T-shirt I’d join Team Sisk/Kanchi.  If I wanted to drink I’d join Team Jeung.  If I wanted to spend all year explaining my team’s lineups I’d join Team Kingsley.  I just don’t know where you guys fit into the mix for me. 
So there you have it.  Maybe next year.  If you have a spot for 2018 let me know.  I’ll even bring the beer.


  1. Bring beer and you can join my team but TriLevel needs to go to 4.0/4.5/5.0

  2. Great work on the blog! Reach out to me after YE, and will plan for next year. Sisk

  3. How about them Cowboys ?!?!

    1. Best draft for cowboys in decades.

  4. Pretty sure I'll be drinking beer still on the best team. Davidson on a bad day is still much better than any 4.5 out there. You could pair him with a 4.0 and still beat two 4.5s.