Monday, November 16, 2015

5.0 and 4.5 Update

5.0 Update

Flight A has Fair Oaks/Perkison and JCC/Reiman tied in the loss column with two matches dropped for each.  Brookhaven/Harllee was nipping at their heels but they dropped their last two matches and have now fallen two back with one to play.  It's Fair Oaks and JCC to the playoffs.

Flight B had a one loss TBar/Bartzen leading the pack followed by SpringPark/Vahdat and Lakes/Jannasch both holding two losses.  TBar registered a win, as did SpringPark, but Lakes took the loss from TBar so they have fallen one back of SpringPark with one match left to play.  Lakes gets one win Seay but SpringPark gets one win Greenhill.  Even a Lakes win and a SpringPark loss won't advance Lakes due to tie breakers so it's TBar and SpringPark on to the playoffs.

4.5 Update

Flight A had a little shake up this weekend.   Greenhill Blue/Rossouw sat alone at 7-0 with only the two last place teams left to play.  And they lost 2-3 anyway.  They did manage to win the second match but their loss, coupled with a Fair Oaks/Valentin win over LB Houston/Moore allowed Fair Oaks to leap frog Greenhill into first place.  Absent a shortened city finals, its Fair Oaks and Greenhill from flight A.

Flight B has JCC/Reiman as the only undefeated team at 9-0.  The second playoff spot came down to Lakes/Way (6-1) and Brookhaven/Harllee (6-2).  Lakes finished with a 1-5 Canyon Creek team and 5-3 TBar.  Harllee had only 2-5 Huffines to contend with.  A 4-1 win over TBar gave Lakes the second playoff spot.

Flight C had another Greenhill/Rossouw (Red) team undefeated at 6-0 but they took the late loss to TBar/Fikes.  In a repeat of flight A results, the late loss by Greenhill allowed Gleneagles/Juhn to overtake them momentarily.  Greenhill has one match left against 1-5 Hackberry Creek.  If Greenhill wins this match they will retake first place on either the matches won tie breaker or the head to head tie breaker.

If these names sound familiar it’s because these captains seem to be in the playoffs year in and year out.  Congrats to them on their consistency.


  1. What about a 4.0 and 3.5 update?

  2. Has there been a "Two Teams, One Captain" in playoffs before? The potential for impropriety seems like the lifeblood that keeps this blog going.

  3. Tanker of the fall award nominee's are from 3.0 the former multiple time national champion Robert Bender who is 0-3 this fall at 3.0 wow!

    from the 3.5 level another multiple nat champ Keith Clark 0-2 this fall, dont care how many "surgery's he has had it's 3.5 tennis!

    from 4.0 i have 2 nominee's the recent national champs Tony Le 0-3 this fall at 4.0 local but was like 8-0 at nationals... pitiful! and lets not for get his teammate at nationals Hai Nguyen he is 0-4 at 4.0 local but was unbeatable at nationals. How can this loss of game happen after all of these cheaters land back at DFW?

    Sam Huynh must be proud of all your tanking efforts because for full year 2015 he is the grand prize winner.


  4. Tiny knows he can't possibly win at 4.5, so he'd rather mock the system. Next year he will just tank even more. What a douchebag.

  5. Look at Keith Clarks 3.0, 3.5 and probably 4.0 teams. He wins the award for tanker Coach of the century. His teams are loaded with super tankers except for Kana, lol.
    His 3.0 and 3.5 are most likely all 4.0's. Come on DTA...Bump them up for 2 years.
    Tony Le team Dumped them up for 2 years.