Tuesday, November 17, 2015

4.0 and 3.5 Update

4.0 Update

Flight A has McKinney/Kanchi running the table undefeated.  With six wins that were 3-2 it was tough going.  Oak Creek/Rich takes the second spot with a 7-1 finish.  The rest of the pack had fallen off in this flight.

In flight B, Hackberry Creek/Myers continues its surprising run and finished in first place at 7-1.  The interesting activity was the race for second.  McKinney/Oh beat Brookhaven/Bartlett to take control of second place.  The last match of the season they only needed to get past 2-5 Greenhill to secure the second playoff spot.  As you can guess by now, they didn't.  After sweeping singles easily, McKinney proceeded to be swept in doubles, dropping them into third place and allowing Brookhaven to advance to cities on the lines won tie breaker.

Flight C saw Garland/Sisk finish in first at 7-1 but their only loss was to second place Greenhill/Ohl so much to still resolve in the playoffs in this flight.  Greenhill had a very interesting season.  They lost the first two matches to middle of the road teams and managed to put together a six match winning streak, including the win over Garland, to finish the season and lock up the playoff spot.  Greenhill went 18-2 over it's last four matches allowing it to pass Las Colinas/Otey on the lines won tie breaker.  Las Colinas had beaten Greenhill but lost to Royal Oaks down the stretch.

Flight D has Greenhill/Eckenrode finish in first at 6-1 a match clear of the field.  Oak Creek/Iyer has two early losses but finished very strong down the stretch winning its last four matches at 18-2.  Their win over McKinney/Parrish and the strong lines finish allowed them to overtake McKinney for second place on the lines won tie breaker.

3.5 Update

Flight A has Fretz/Clark undefeated at 7-0 with JCC/Gerard taking the second playoff spot at 6-1.  The second place spot came down to a final match with Greenhill/Alzuro and a close 3-2 win by JCC to advance.

In flight B, LB Houston/Tinner took the top spot at 6-1 on the lines won tie breaker.  Second place was McKinney/Jones.  McKinney needed a late win over JCC to secure their second place finish but couldn't overtake LB Houston's 28-7 lines record.


  1. It may seem like a lull at the moment but there is still a lot going on. I feel like I'm a little late on a few things but I'll try and keep you caught up as we go along.

  2. Some recognizable names and some new in 4.0 playoffs. The two groups have been split into Red and Blue.

    Red - Myers, Sisk, Iyer and Bartlett. Sisk wins the group here.

    Blue - Kanchi, Rich, Eckenrode and Ohl. Oak Creek/Rich should be the favorite to win the group and the finals against Sisk.