Friday, October 16, 2015

3.0 over 40 Nationals

I didn’t realize this until just now, but Dallas has a team at Nationals this weekend at 3.0 over 40s.  Maybe not a high point of blog fodder but they are from Dallas so let’s give them a little coverage.

Texas is in flight 3 with Intermountain, Florida, Missouri Valley and Mid-Atlantic.  Shouldn’t Florida and Arizona be good at all the age level events, especially as the ages get higher?  Florida did got 12-3 on lines at sectionals so a pretty strong showing.  The Tulsa team (MoV) had fairly pedestrian results and only had to beat two teams all season to make Nationals.  Must be nice.  Intermountain had pretty fair results but if history means anything, this won’t be the team to beat.  Mid-Atlantic is also hard to call.  They beat four teams at cities but only one team at sectionals.  Not a lot of information to go by but I’d guess its Texas and Florida in this flight.

Flight 1 has Southwest, Northern California, Pacific NW, Middle States and Midwest making for a pretty tough flight.  Also tough is Flight 2 with Caribbean, Southern, Hawaii, Southern California and Eastern.  When you compress down to three flights it makes for some really tough flight play matchups.

With only three flights, as I understand it the winner of Texas’s flight will get the winner of flight 1 in the semis.  No scores are posted yet but they should start popping up soon.



  1. Dallas is 2-0 in flight.

  2. How's the men's combo teams doing. The ladies are in the semi's or finals in all divisions.

    1. Who gives a fuck about combo?

  3. Quick nationals update - the Dallas team (4-0, 17-3) will advance to the semi-finals to play Pacific Northwest (4-0, 16-4). But, since the last match isn't posted in the other flight yet, Dallas could still end up playing Caribbean or Southern. Good luck guys.

  4. In other late breaking news, the Dallas 8.5 combo team will play Midland in the finals tomorrow. At 7.5 Dallas is out finishing 3rd in its flight.