Monday, November 10, 2014

And The Results Are Now In

The results are finally posted and the fall playoffs are now shaping up.  Here’s what it looks like at this point.  Fall playoff predictions will be coming after a little analysis.  Should be some good matchups.  Initial thoughts - I like Rossouw at 4.5, mostly because there are better odds picking the guy who has two teams in the playoffs.  At 4.0 I like Sisk and Noel, even though they were in the same flight.  At 3.5 I like Gardner, because he's the only one I've heard of.  Just like all local elections, name recognition can take you a long way with uninformed voters.  I also reserve the right to change my votes after I've had a chance to look this all over.

4.5 Playoffs – flight 1
Greenhill Red/Rossouw: 8-0 and 36-4
JCC/Reiman: 6-1 and 29-6
Brookhaven/Harlee: 6-1 and 25-10

4.5 Playoffs – flight 2
Greenhill Blue/Rossouw: 7-0 and 26-9
Lakes/Way: 7-1 and 31-9
Village/Warren: 6-2 and 23-12

4.0 Playoffs – flight 1
Huffines/Ratcliffe: 8-0 and 29-11
Garland1/Sisk: 7-1 and 29-11
Huffines/McIntosh: 7-1 and 28-12
Fretz/Jayaram: 6-2 and 29-11 (last on sets lost)

4.0 Playoffs – flight 2
McKinney/Parrish: 8-1 and 32-13
Fretz/Noel: 7-1 and 30-11
Eldorado/Browning: 7-2 and 27-18
McKinney/Peterson: 6-2 and 29-11

3.5 Playoffs
Canyon Creek/Gable: 7-0 and 23-12
High Point/Gardner: 7-1 and 30-10     
McKinney/Jones: 6-1 and 26-9
LB Houston/Tinner: 6-2 and 26-14     



  1. Tennis link has Blue Huffhines/Ratcliffe, Huffhines/McIntosh, Garland/Sisk, El Dorado

    Red Fretz/Noel, McKinney/Parrish, McKinney/Peterson, Fretz/Jarajam ,

  2. My picks go to...

    4.5 Mike Kelly's team
    4.0 Keith Clarck's team
    3.0 Bob Bender's team

    1. I got my money on these to win...

      4.5 - Greenhill Red/Rossouw @ 2/1 or Lakes/Way @ 4/1
      4.0 - Garland1/Sisk @ 3/1 or McKinney/Parrish @ 6/1
      3.5 - High Point/Gardner @ 2/1

      Odds based on good weather conditions

  3. Freeman's tri-level team lost at Houston cities. Don't know what the rest of the state has but that's got to help Dallas a little.

    1. If Sisk can't win this with Kelley, best 3.5s and good 4.0s he never will. Did he pay Freeman to lay down?

    2. McCullough is as tough a 4.0 as you'll find too.

    3. Sisk's 3.5s are good but he'll have to make smart line-up choices. He should pair his best two and ride them through the tourney.
      Sisk's 4.0 line is average at best. I agree, McCullough is a solid 4.0 player.
      But as usual, Houston will roll out a team with excellent 4.0 talent. Advantage Houston.

    4. Sisk has never had Kelley on his side before, always losing to him. That might be enough to get him thru

  4. Kelly has no help at 4.5 and he is not in shape enough to play every match. Plus the fact he has won a national Tri level title already prob doesn't motivate him much. Pressure matches will ruin 3.5 and 4,0 lines as well. Sisk doesn't even make it out of his flight.

    1. GTC is back. Tri and Fall champs springboard to nationals next year.

    2. Sisk's 4.5 line is in trouble...
      Kelly won't be playing Tri sectionals, he's running a marathon that weekend

    3. GTC will be taking their frustration out on Dallas this spring.

  5. That 3.5 High Point team looks good to win it!!!

    1. No one cares, except Ed...

  6. Must be the cold weather, Sure is quite on here....