Thursday, April 7, 2011

4.5 Pre Season Analysis

And here we go with a little bit of insight on how the 4.5 looks to break down.

flight A

HP/ Pickett has it locked up! They already have the wild card to qualies but look for them to waltz through this easy flight. Rumor has it that Jean Nguyen is out for the season with an ACL tear and having lost Big Clint Laukaf they may be thin at singles. Phy Pham is a nice add.

distant second: probably TBar. Lifetime/ Hill may have a say this time but lost quite a few players this season with Brownlee, Collin, Vascalis, and Mudsam. That is going to require a lot of recruiting this year; Oak Creek/ Myrick have an interesting roster

also rans: Hackberry (can't field strong lineups for away matches but have a solid top 8); Garland Sisk - not sure who else he will add but I don't think this is his focus; JCC seem serious but don't have dominating players

flight B

Royal Oaks are even further ahead of the pack here! What a cake flight! They may lack depth in singles but their dubs is DEEEEPPPP

Next are probably Brookhaven or maybe the Village who can be tricky. Kyle's team is always a tough match but not sure they can come second

Also rans: new team DCC?

flight C

This is the dog fight flight!

Favorites: Oak Creek have quietly retooled and have 3 ex Branch players and now have depth at singles and dubs

fighting for second: Greenhill, always a tough team with potentially the best top 2 singles lines out there; Brookhaven: have lost their lock singles but have experience and depth at dubs; Nothwood Noel - not quiet as strong as prior years or as previously anticipated as they lost some players to various teams incl Oak Creek; Canyon Creek return from the fall 2 team experiment to 1 team. They went 7&2 last spring losing to Branch and TBar

of course Morrison will win it all!!!!

QT picks:
flight A second place: TBar
flight B second place: Brookhaven/ Bartlett
flight C second Place: Brookhaven/ Harlee

DCC picks:
HP/ Pickett
Royal Oaks
Oak Creek
TBar - from QT

going to sectionals - HP/ Pickett (and Oak Creek if there is a Wild Card)