Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4.0 Two Weeks in, not many surprises

So we have a bye weekend so I thought we could look at any interesting teams and players so far.

Flight A:
Lifetime may not have been able to keep their Wild Card but they earned a great seed for the spring as it doesn't look like they will see any real opposition in this flight. LB Houston and Eldorado will be trying to test them a little as they both will go after that 2nd spot. Not sure if any of the other teams are quite ready to contend yet.

Flight B:
Springpark has jumped out quickly but will soon be tested as they play Garland next weekend, the real showdown in this flight will not be until 6/18 of course Garland and Canyon Creek need to stay perfect until then for that match to have some hype to it. It will be a battle of the two captains who are trying to set records for most players registered. Rossouw v. Sisk

Flight C:
Greenhill and High Point/Bob will meet up on 5/14 and I have feeling that flight order might be decided as of that date. Anyone else in this flight going to give them a fight????

Flight D:
Fair Oaks came out of nowhere to jump to the top with team SWAT. Stonebridge thought to be a contender fell to Samuell Grand in week 2. Looks like this flight might be a battle of Dallas v. Collin County. SWAT took down Lakes in a close score although the match was decided before our two losses, unfortunately that is a theme with our team so far, win 3 and then lose 2. I guess I am OK with that as long the 3 win part stays the same.

Flight E:
Somewhat of an early season upset in this flight as Burt's perennial contender fell to JCC last week. This flight is the most even flight so having two losses will be hard to overcome, some interesting matches coming up in this flight. 4/30: Brookhaven v. Village, 5/7: Brookhaven v. OC, 5/14: JCC v. Village.

Any thoughts minions??