Monday, January 3, 2011

Tri Level Power Rankings

Here are the Official Power Rankings published by Roger Goodell himself. Roger made a surprise visit to Tennis Blog head quarters and posted the Official Tri Level Power Rankings. I can't agree with all of his picks, but I was going to be fined if I did not post them...

Official USTA NFL sponsored Power Rankings:

Blue Flight: AFC

1. John Sisk, The Bill Bellichick of the league. Cap't John with his rumoured sheninigans, thievery, rape and and murderous ways, [but never caught on video
, John is the trickerous captain, and seems to have signed a very strong team with Tom Brady (Jean Nguyen), Deion Branch(Jared Kemp), and Wes Welker (Glenn Flora).

2. Brian Morrison - This would be the Pittsburgh Steelers. I can't put my finger on it as to why, but I rank this team second in the blue flight, so they HAVE to be the Pittsburgh Steelers. (oh yeah, I know why. It's because its my team, and I am completely biased towards my team.)

3. Ray Bogle - In reviewing this team, they could very well be a very good team. This might have to be the Baltimore Ravens. Strong results, but I don't expect to see them in AFC title game.

4. Mike Myers - The New York Jets.

Red Flight - NFC

1. Shawn Acaria - aka the Philadelphia Eagles - sure they got Michael Vick & Jeremy Maclin at 4.5, but is there defense and special teams strong enough to take care of business and make it past the title game?

2. Rossouw - Chicago Bears - You don't see a stand out player when you look at this team necessarily, BUT, they just seem like they are divisional winners and will be playing in the NFC title game.

3. Scott Russell - Greenbay Packers. They are playing with a couple of 4.0 bumpdowns at 3.5, and they look like they can be wiley, so, there is some potential there.

4. Scott Morris - Kansas City Chiefs - This team reminds me of the Kansas City Chiefs, because I only know of 1 player that plays on the Chiefs, and I couldn't pick that guy out of a line up. But, somehow, he almost beat Jim Brown's record. So, with that said, here are your Kansas City Chiefs.