Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kenny Mc's Corner Reply

So I couldn 't help but notice as I leafed through my Tennis Life magazine after I ready US Weekly and Flash Tattoo (yeah, I have tattoo envy since I don't have one) that the title was "Blog This!" and as I read further and the words seemed to describe a certain blog I once read and contributed.

My first instinct was to let NASTY Lucky Thunder out and respond but my kinder Cary side prevailed but I cannot let it all go by so I just wanted to use the Lucky Thunder translator on some of Ken Mcalister's words.

1. "Attitudinal"
Translation: I love to use big words to show I am not just a tennis player but also someone who has a high college (no university) degree and can use words that have no synonyms except for maybe: PRETENTIOUS.

2. "tells me what just happened as if I am to dumb to know (which may be arguable)"
Translation: Ken actually translated this one for us.

3. "I watch football and basketball games with the sound muted (except when my friend Ron Franklin does play by play)
Translation: I used to be one of those really pretentious people who said I didn't own a TV but I figured this is my new line, and also you really should know who Ron Franklin is, he is mega famous and he and I are really good friends.

4. "I realize that there are brilliant and relevant analyses and comments made in all these venues"
Translation: Captain Fantastic has written two or three blog posts that are better than anything I wrote in my life.

5. "We monitor several of these (blogs) just to hear the pulse of opinions of tennis constituents"
Translation: The Dallas Blog is my home page and it my most visited site behind Facebook, I would translate constituents but I only went to college and not a university.

6. "It is with constant amazement that we read the rumors of what is happening in USTA Tennis"
Translation: We cannot believe how quickly these blogs seem to find out things we messed up.

I don't know if I even commented on the whole ratings mix up when it occurred because December was a rather busy month on and off the court for me. When you step back now and look at it I am about 99% sure everything was on the up and up with the USTA but I think what Marc was exposing was some mistakes and errors that had occurred and to me there was nothing wrong with it. Looking back it was rather strange that all the errors did happen to occur with only one team. Coincidence? Probably and we will never know and since all is corrected we do not care anymore. Marc earlier was a watchdog about tanking players in the Fall and I thought it was great, even as Ken noted in his magazine article walking a mile in our shoes people often see the situation clearer. There are many issues that occur in our league and we know that can all be fixed in an instant we just want to know they are being addressed and I think that is the great divide between USTA players and the USTA Office is that we wish the USTA would acknowledge the issues and let us know how they are dealing with them or what help they might need.

But before I start to show some of my attitudinal background I will end this post because there is an NBA doubleheader starting and I cannot wait to watch it in HD and listen to the commentators.

Link to the "Blog This" Article