Sunday, November 7, 2010

Final Day of 4.0 Regular Season

So things are just about finalized and will all come into focus after tomorrow.

Flight A:
Lifetime finished up last week and has posted the strongest regular season record and can enjoy the final Sunday off. Stonebriar has the other spot all but locked up as they take of BH/Alzuro who has, shall we say "struggled" this year. Village's DQ has them hanging out in 3rd thinking about what might have been.

Flight B:
Garland and Westlake battle it out tomorrow but really only seeding is on the line since both have already qualified for the playoffs. The only real question mark here is the status of Christopher Caceras, I am guessing he will not play tomorrow since it seemed as if at one point he might have been DQ'ed but for now looks to be OK although with his results he could be one lopsided victory away from the trouble zone. The Garland team is tough to read but does have some solid singles play that will make them tough in December.

Flight C:
This showdown between GH and HP/Bob doesn't have that much sizzle since 1st place isn't on the line and unless HP is swept they will make the playoffs. Both of these teams will be contenders in December although HP seems to be reaching at times for lineups especially at singles although I think we know Sam will leave the doubles court come playoff time. GH has good depth but not sure there are any slam dunks on that roster. Springpark was quite a surprise in this flight and most likely will miss the playoffs barring a miracle but outperformed Village and TBar.

Flight D:
I would love to say this flight has been fun but instead it has had me scratching my head just about every week. Our flight has come down to the final two weeks to iron out the two playoff participants. SWAT and the Lakes are in with a win but if either team falters there are five other teams ready to take those spots. The Lakes made some late additions to their team that upgraded them from good to contender and if they make it in they will be tough to beat at doubles after what we saw last Sunday. Our team has been up and down but I do feel if we can find some consistency for December I like our chances against most every team. Canyon Creek is the next best team in the flight and would be a tough out if they make the playoffs.

Flight E:
I think Brookhaven clinched in September but second place is still not locked down although LB Houston has the inside track but JCC and OC still have an outside chance. Pearlman's team looks better than ever with Boccara and Powell as a good 1-2 punch at singles. Brookhaven teams have been up and down come playoff teams but a year ago it was Bartlett's crew that took home the crown and who knows this team might just be the most even team much like that one was and could be the overall favorite. It is hard to predict because I think this flight was rather fluffy so they might not have been tested yet.

I just wanted to put this out so the anons can start making bold predictions after tomorrow's results once we see the playoff brackets then more can be said about what will happen a month from now.