Thursday, November 4, 2010

4.5 Fall update

It’s been over a month since our last 4.5 post and “Paying Attention” came up with the, at the time, legitimate power rankings:

1. RO
T2 Lakes/Way
T2 Las Colinas
4 Fair Oaks
5 Brookhaven
6 Highpoint/Nguyen
7 Lifetime / Hill
8 Garland 1
9 Lakes / Weatherby
10 Tbar / Schnittker

Since then there have been some upsets

Royal Oaks were upset in a nail biter by Lifetime who in turn were beaten by High Pt.

The Royal Oaks roster still looks like the one to beat but High Point have deserved to move into the top spot based on a very impressive record despite some tanking, They may be tested this week by Garland who’s impressive start has been destroyed by the DQ of Aaron Williams to a 5.5!

Lakes – Way continue to dominate and that is unlikely to change against Hackberry this week leaving them with a gritty Las Colinas in the final week.

Las Colinas also drop down the rankings after 2 losses and still have the impressive Lakes team to play

Flight A’s second spot will go to Fair Oaks who are 5-1 (already won the makeup vs Canyon Creek with 2 lines to play) and have a soft schedule remaining. Deep, talented and solid squad.

Brookhaven continue to dominate their weak flight and their first test may be this week against TBar who surprisingly have a loss to Collin County.

Lifetime (likely to finish with only 2 loses) and Greenhill have mathematical chances of making the play-offs but realistically are too far behind on tie-breakers to Royal Oaks who have many dominating wins.

New rankings (we only need to worry about the playoff contenders and these are pretty clear cut):

1. High Point/ Nguyen (defending Fall champs)
2. Lakes/ Way (impressive unbeaten record incl win over Fair Oaks)
3. Royal Oaks (drop out of first after losing to HP)
4. Fair Oaks (remember they bat BHaven 5-0 in the spring Cities)
5. Brookhaven (weak flight and see above)
6. TBar (lost their best singles player and it shows)
__________________________________________(playoff cut line)
T7. Lifetime (may be stronger than TBar but likely to miss the playoffs due to their tougher flight)
T7. Las Colinas (2 loses with one more likely, also may be stronger than TBar)
9. Greenhill(2 loses with 1 more to come)
10. everyone else