Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teams of the Fall League 4.5

Moving past the tanking rebuttal, hear are the leading Fall teams so far. We have a lot of matches to play still, but the rest of you teams need to get it together if you want to find yourselves in the playoffs.

Flight A
The Lakes / Way
The Village / Khaing

Flight B
Royal Oaks / Rothwell
HP / Nguyen
Lifetime Fitness / Hill

Flight C
Brookhaven / Harlee
The Lakes / Weatherby

Flight C gives us the Match up of the week, with these two teams playing each other. I am picking The Lakes, only because I have some sentimental connections over there. I guess that is why I don't bet on the Cowboys from week to week. I would pick Cowboys every time.

Note: Please keep tanking comments in the Tanking section. That subject has been adequately addressed already.

On a side note, I wish I knew how to create a poll, I would love to see the tally of The Rangers v The Rays series.