Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4.0 Fall Midseason Report

So after 5 weeks into the season things are taking shape rather quickly in many of the flights.

Flight A:
Lifetime and Village have a showdown in our MOW. The winner should be able to hang onto 1st place the rest of the way. I would have to go with LTF in this showdown but 4-1 or 3-2 just because Village has won their matches but some of them were rather close against so-so teams. I do see the Village holding onto 2nd place since they have already beaten Stonebriar and Springpark who most likely would be the only ones who could catch them.

Flight B:
Westlake and Garland seem to have a stronghold on the top spots in this flight, they do not showdown for 1st place until the final week of the season so in the meantime they just need to keep winning. Westlake has to be the surprise of the Fall season so far going 5-0, they do have Stonebridge and Canyon Creek before Garland so by no means pushovers but it seems like they have the winning formula so I see them losing a close one to Garland and qualifying for the playoffs in the 2nd spot. I am still perplexed by Fretz in this flight, maybe just not enough depth and I know the Eagles Landing team had a rough start but have a chance to finish strong.

Flight C:
Another flight where two teams seem to be dominating and awaiting their 11/7 showdown to decide first place in the flight. Greenhill has a strong roster of Arnette players and BMO leftovers from Sectionals and they will need the experience against Bob's new crew seems to be coming along well and stop the presses somehow Sam Huynh got appealed back to 4.0 and he left Lifetime Fitness. I guess without poolside views in October they lost their #1 recruiting tool. Bob's #1 rule, if you can't beat them, sign them up on your team. It would be interesting to see them square off in December with shuffled up roster.

Flight D:
SWAT is the only undefeated team in this flight but has three teams nipping at their heels in Gleneagles, Fretz and Lakes. We got by Gleneagles even with Lucky Thunder in the lineup (he will be rested till April now) We have the other two in the final weeks of the season. This has been a fairly good flight so far, Brookhaven had some talent and last week Canyon Creek gave us a scare as well. This weekend we have DCC who has some solid talent. I am trying to set a record for most players on a roster so if you are interested in signing up let me know. I am actually short a player this Saturday at 1:30p if you are interested. (bazan.dean@gmail.com)

Flight E:
Brookhaven Pearlman seems to have run away and hid in this flight as there are no 1 loss teams and they have gone undefeated with some strong results. I have a feeling they may earn the #1 seed just on lack of resistance down the stretch. It is a toss up for 2nd place but I will go with OC to sneak in.

Playoff outlook and midseason rankings:

1. Greenhill
2. High Point/Bob
3. Lifetime
4. Brookhaven/Pearlman
5. Garland
6. High Point/SWAT
7. Village
8. Westlake
9. Fretz/Mitchell
10. OC/Smith 1