Friday, October 9, 2009

4.0 Week 5

At least I think it is week 5, not for sure but that is what we are going for.

So as mentioned I haven't had a chance to follow too much due to work and family but glad to be back for a few minutes here to see what is going on.

Flight A:
Greenhill and Lakes are playing this weekend and "should" decide who will finish in the top spot in this flight. I do think both these teams will finish 1-2 and place really doesn't matter in the fall. If I had to pick I would go with the Lakes but this one is a toss up, it will come down to a singles match if I had to guess and that is why I have to go with the Lakes. I think another interesting match will be SWAT v. DCC. The DCC has a chance to jump up into the discussion with a win of possibly overtaken the loser of the 4.0 MOW if they can get on a winning streak.

Flight B:
Garland has already posed for their playoff picture as of last week and really this flight is all about who will get 2nd place. Eldorado is off this week and is actually still undefeated which is impressive. Fretz and Greenhill are in the mix as well but Greenhill is one more loss away from a quick end to their season. JCC also has a shot here but tough to know with only 2 matches played so far.

Flight C:
This flight is much like B where Brookhaven can start planning for December right now as a slew of other teams are tied at 1-1 and I honestly have no idea which one could jump up and get 2nd place. Although my two favorites to grab that spot are playing each other on Saturday (HP v. Village) I think the winner will keep going and take 2nd place.

Flight D:
HP/Bob v. Garland/Brueckner is a battle of unbeatens and most likely will decide who joins Brookhaven in the playoffs. It is hard to think OC will not make the playoffs but they have a tough road to climb and that begins with a match v. Stonebridge who although they are 0-3 they are not a weak team at all but I wonder if they are packing it in for next season already.


  1. 1st. Lifetime Rules.

  2. Greenhill sweeps the dubs and splits the singles

    4 - 1

  3. Lifetime may suck at tennis, but their players will bag your sister, girlfriends, and wives, while you're all playing with yourselves.

  4. Its starting to get obvious on who doesn't even play tennis, but just comes onto our blog to say shit.

  5. There is no drama when Lifetime loses. Lifetime people stir the pot & start the drama.

  6. Flight D is wide open. HP beats HP Somabut and then loses to the Villages. HP Somabut and OC still have a tough schedule ahead of them. BH and LTF could be in good shape. LTF has 1 tough match left against HP Somabut. BH still to play OC and Somabut but are undefeated and can afford to probably lose 1 of those 2 matches and still make the playoffs. Gonna be a tight one.

  7. Greenhill Rossouw pulls off the upset and stays unbeaten.

  8. "upset" don't think so. But good win looks like it was a close one.

  9. That was beat down of a schedule for HP Bazan though. Played the 2 toughest teams in their division the 1st 2 weeks.

    Roussouw and Weatherby will be #1 and #2 teams out of that division

  10. Hate to say it, but I am giving Garland1/Sisk the City trophy now. That is a mean team they got. I don't think that team can be beat this season. Too many good players.

  11. The Lakes has a ton of talent on their team. We were lucky to get out of that one alive. It couldn't have been a whole lot closer. My hat's off to those guys and I feel certain that they will be in the playoffs this season.

    I would agree though that Sisk has the team to beat. We'll hopefully see them in the playoffs too.

    Cary I thought you picked the Lakes to win? Oh well you were right that it was a toss up and would be close.

    I think both Brookhaven teams are tough as well as the other Garland team (they have a fair share of Somabut's national team guys on their team). Lastly I don't think Oak Creek will loose any more either (they are very tough too).

  12. Way to pull it out Greenhill/rossouw!!

  13. LOL Jason states all the good teams are the ones with ex Somabut players. The somabut players left are non factors except for the ones he kept on his team.

  14. Not really. The Lakes, both Brookhaven teams? I don't know that they have any of Bob's old players. I thought I was merely stating the obvious regarding Sisk and Oak Creek. They were already some of the tops in the city before they took any of the national team players. We'll see if I'm right regarding those teams; but I don't think that they will do much more loosing unless they choose to. Oh yeah and Somabut kept some really great players so you are right in that category; but three guys didn't earn 3rd in the Nation; the whole team did; I wouldn't call them all non factors.

  15. Fraser, why don't you post in the 3.5 section where you belong? Lets see you play a few games at 4.0 singles where you don't have a partner to carry you and if you win you can come on here again and talk shit. Until then, STFU.

  16. Anon - October 11, 2009 10:18 PM

    Don't be such a dick. Seriously. We are trying to encourage people to talk on this blog, not be assholes about it.

    If no one posts, then this becomes a boring blog.

  17. Thanks anon 6:01 am for the attempt to stand up for me.

    I do hope to play some singles in the future but just came off of my third knee surgery on my left knee (that's why I only played a few times last season). I can't move like I used to and singles is a real pounding on my knee. As far as talking s___, I'm not. You might look in the mirror though. I'm proud of my 4.0 record in tournaments and league. They speak for themselves. I'll continue to try to improve. You're right I need it.

    Oh yeah thanks for carrying me this weekend Carlquist.


  18. Except for the first 3 posts and of course the idiot "Anon October 11, 2009 10:18 PM" we have some constructive posts on here.

    I echo Jason's thoughts re the Lakes! They are a tough team and were without 3 of their top players against us. We were lucky to escape with a win!

    Flight D is wide open! BHaven have to play Somabut, Oak Creek, Garland to finish up and all three will be tough! Expect them to drop at least 1. Buford, McSherry & Ellis will have to get some singles wins

    Somabut will beat SPark & Huffines but then have Oak Creek, LTime & BHaven - their success depends on whether Fenn & Wymer remain committed after returning from nationals and will surely get bumped at y/end. We know Jarad will keep playing before he get's bumped up.

    Garland will beat Huffines but then have LTime, OC & BHaven; LTime should bt Village but SBridge (although having had a really tough start) could provide problems and then of course Somabut & Garland will be tough

    Don't be surprised if this flight ends with four 2-loss teams and comes down to tie-breakers.

    As for Garland already being handed the trophy..... they'll have to win on the court not just on paper but I agree they are the favorites right now.

    At the (roughly) halfway point I think the fall play-offs could look something like this:

    Pool 1:
    GHill/ Rossouw (winner A)
    JCC or Fretz(runner-up B)
    BH/ Pearlman (winner C)
    runner-up D (could be any of the 5 teams mentioned above)

    Pool 2:
    Garland/ Sisk (winner B)
    Lakes (r/up A)
    Village/ Johnson (r/up C)
    winner D (could be any of the 5 teams mentioned above)

  19. anyone want to host a Ping Pong party since its always raining?

  20. damn, Anon Oct 11 10:18 was a little rude. Fraser, what did you do to that guy?

  21. You missed the one at Leonard's house during the summer break. That was a very good time.

    I think the CJ from the HP 3.5 team ended up winning that one

  22. The double BBs from Brookhaven are really kicking some tail. Brad's team is 5 - 0 and Burtth's team is 4 - 0). Both teams will make it into the city playoffs.

  23. I am new to this USTA tournament thing and do not want to go through the pages of tournaments listed on TennisLink if I don't have to. Can anyone give me a general idea of when the Dallas area good 4.0 tournaments are held? I only know of Brookhaven and I guess Tyler but I am not even sure when those usually happen. Are there others? Thanks for the help.

  24. Dude, really? It's not that hard. I'm seriously not trying to be rude. But looking at the tourneys for any particular month is a very simple thing. Max is only 3 pages to look through for Texas

  25. Huffhines team finally won another line 2nd for the season.

  26. I perfer tourneys too. I could care less about team tennis. The major zone in Dennison was 2 month ago and next year it will be held in November, so you'll have to wait 13 months. Abilene M.Z. is in April (3 and a 1/2 hrs away-close enough). Waco M.Z. is in August (and Waco really stinks that time of the year with the Brazos river flowing through it (really, Waco stinks any time of the year though)). I don't know what the people of Grandbury eat, but it just stinks). Tyler M.Z. is in September and The Cotton Bowl is in February. Those are the only really good tourneys worthy of playing. Just my opinion.

    Your Computer Tennis Tournement Bud.