Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4.0 Week 5

So we are approaching that halfway point of the season when things should start to get interesting and the flights should start to make sense very soon.

Flight A:
plays Brookhaven with the loser all but done for the season. I would put my money on Hackberry in a close one. Canyon Creek sports a 3-1 record but they are playing HP/Bob so that should become 3-2 pretty soon. It really looks like this flight is all about TBar and HP and a bunch of teams that will have a hard time grabbing a wildcard.

Flight B:
Top teams face off as Garland travels to the Lakes on Saturday. I see Garland winning this one but it will be close. Winning team should have a good track for the top spot although both still face Brookhaven who faces last place Eldorado this week. Village should remain a one loss team as they face another weak team in LBH.

Flight C:
Great match and our MOW is Greenhill v. Brookhaven both these teams have one loss already so the loser will be in a tough spot although I do see a scenario in which they finish in 1st and 2nd since the top team right now (LBH) has beaten the bottom tier teams. But the winner of this match puts themselves in a very good position to grab first place and hold onto it till the end. I see this one going to Brookhaven and possibly a big 4-1 result.

Flight D:
Ho hum nothing interesting here except maybe Thorntree v. Springpark. I think we are more interested to know how the makeup match goes between OC and Springpark in this flight.


  1. Only interest this weekend is Oak Creek v Springpark. Line 1 Doubs.

    (.y.) Get a life man :-)

  2. Funny Lifetime you post more than me!

  3. SP VS OC set for 12:30 Sunday.
    Don has been good to work with on setting up make up matches. I can't imagine captaining 4 teams and scheduling make up matches.

  4. Cary. You need to do a WACO MZ entry so the Dallas guys can update how that tourney is going. Seems to be a lot of Dallas people entered.

    You and (.Y.) should have entered the doubles and taken home the trophy????

  5. I thought about making a major zone thread but I'm just too busy lately to make any. I can tell you that the three Huffhines team members won their first matches in 4.5. Kern destroyed Morton 0 and 1. No upsets that I can see.

  6. How did everyone do this week?

  7. SP wins 3rd set tiebreaker 12-10. Great match.

  8. Congrats to Brandon for winning the Waco major zone. I guess Eddie gets moved down on the singles depth chart. I'm sure he won't mind.

  9. Brandon has wanted to play singles for Eddie for a while. Maybe this will convince him. Keith, what happened in the doubles final? It still isn't posted.

  10. Big ups to B Myers. He has been a strong single player for a long time. Lifetimes depth shows itself again. Good problem to have. Not a problem in my eyes. Our best players will be on the court when it matters most. Can't wait to see Springpark this weekend. Congrats to them for beating OC.

    Remind me not to wear my pink shirt this weekend. My friend Rafael tells me it is bad luck.

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  12. Congrats Keith and Steven. Maybe you aren't too old. I heard you guys played well. Jonathan, I think that is Brandon Myers

  13. My Bad,
    Congrats Brandon. My mind must have went somewhere else for the moment, just trying to do two things at once here at work.

    The thoughts are still the same, great win in singles :-)

  14. Nice dubs win Keith/Steven. I believe Keith may be giving a racket to a charity or selling one real cheap if anyone wants one.

    Thanks Guys and nice picture Ted Bundle.

  15. Flight A: TBar and HP win the rest of their matches easily unless Bob sees a tactical advantage in throwing a match. I think this means the QT has 5 teams and play a RR.

    Flight B: This is the deepest flight. The unfortunate thing is the 3rd place team might not make the QT because of the tough schedule. Garland probably has the best singles players which makes them a slight favorite to win. Second is close with BH and SB. Any of the 3 teams are city worthy. Sorry Cary. you need a Federer-like comeback to make the QT

    Flt C: LBH is undefeated but haven't played the best teaams. It's not a given that they even make the QT playoffs. Give me BH. Burt has solid doubles and a couple good singles players.

    FLT D: OC losing TB to SP means they have virtually no chance to win Flt but are almost certain to make the QT. Winner of SP vs Lifetime wins the flight. Loser is in the QT. If Vahdat is the ringer he appears to be, it will be a tough match. What if it comes down to Eddie vs a 60 year old?

  16. Yes! Finally!! Nice Job to notice! It is a pulitizer Prize winning photograph. Those are going to be changed out randomly to give you candy-asses some culture around here.

    She has devastate-ingly beautiful eyes, but the picture was taken in a war torn country where her odds of living were not odds that you would want to have.

    I thought it was just amazing that the photographer was able to capture the most amazing beauty and you wonder if she had been located just anywhere else in the world, would she have been some famous model?

    It was the human equivalent of finding the most beautiful flower next to a battlefield with lifeless bodies lying next to it.

  17. Here is a link to the original picture.

    If you look at the picture, does she just appear just amazingly frightened? or Sad? Why is she looking with such big eyes into the camera? What has she just seen or recently seen?

    What is going through her mind during that exact second her picture was taken?

    And then from a beauty perspective, can you see how the amazing green eyes have just a speckale of orange that matches her cover up?

  18. I have to be honest. I thought that was a picture of a little boy at first. Not sure how beautiful she is really. Sad circumstance, but beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder on this one.

    I'll take Halle Berry if that's ok with you.

  19. "nice picture" was a little mockery. I did not know that was a girl either. Agree with anon here.

  20. Oh mannn!!! I can't believe you can't appreciate good art! looozzers!!! ha ha!

    I got my next photograph picked already. We will send it up in a week or so. It is another moving picture IMO.