Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More Fall, Try Not To Fall Asleep

What kind of progress have we made?

In 4.5 Flight A we have an interesting three way tie in the one loss column between Lakes/Way, Canyon Creek/McHugh and Greenhill/Rossouw.  Only one line loss separates these teams.  Everyone else is long gone.  Way and McHugh still play each other so one of them will be on the outside looking in.  Rossouw has the easiest remaining schedule of the three.

Flight B has TBar/McColpin as the only undefeated team.  Samuell Grand/Hanna and JCC/Reiman are alone at one loss and Brookhaven/Harllee now sits at two losses.  Much to still be decided here as McColpin still has Reiman and Harllee left; Hanna has the easiest ride to the house; Reiman still has McColpin; and Harllee still has McColpin.  At this point SamGrand/Hanna has the best odds to advance even though TBar/McColpin is undefeated.

In 4.0 Flight A we have Garland/Sisk as the sole remaining undefeated team with three teams tied at one loss.  Looks like second place will come down to the Nov 11 match between Brookhaven/Bartlett and Greenhill/Ohl.

Flight B has Greenhill/Davalos and McKinney/Kanchi both undefeated and only McKinney/Jacobson in the one loss column.  Jacobsen still has to play Kanchi so it looks like Kanchi and Davalos go one – two here.

Flight C has Oak Creek/Iyer undefeated and only Hackberry Creek/Myers in the one loss column.  They still play each other so Hackberry could drop into a massive 2 loss tie in this flight.  Huffhines/Jayaram still has a shot of finishing second here.

Congrats to Team Sisk and Team Vince for finishing 1-2 respectively at 8.5 combo sectionals.


  1. • Advancement: 2 – 1st Place Teams, 2 – 2nd Place Teams and 2 – 3rd Place Teams with Best Overall Record
    • Format: 2 flights of 3 Teams, Round Robin, Winner Advances to FINAL
    So it seems 3 teams from each of the 4.5 flights get into the playoffs.....make sense with only 2 large flights this season.

  2. Good we use the blog for clubs to advertise some drills or fun events or is this just a "I want to bitch and complain" blog.

    1. Maybe you can pay Murray to advertise. I bet he would take money.

      Besides aren't you just bitching and complaining?