Wednesday, May 25, 2016

4.5 Stretch Run

4.5 Flight A – Greenhill/Rossouw remains the only undefeated team but Samuell Grand/Hanna has surged into second place.  These two haven’t played yet but SamGrand has a two match lead in the loss column so they could lose to Greenhill in the season ender and still finish second if they take care of the Eldorado team (2-4).  The race for third pits three teams all with three losses; McKinney/Jett, T Bar/Fikes and Brookhaven/Bartlett.  Brookhaven still has Greenhill left, so they should be out.  That leaves McKinney and T Bar in the hunt.  T Bar has 1-5 Greenhill/Ohl while McKinney has 3-3 Brookhaven/Bartlett left.  Both are tied on lines won but McKinney holds the head to head tie breaker over T Bar so it’s down to the wire here and every line counts. 

4.5 B – This flight has also become a two horse race with both Brookhaven/Harllee and JCC/Reiman still undefeated but everyone else having at least two losses.  They have yet to play each other so that should decide the flight.  The race for third has Oak Creek/Herget-Clark at 5-2 and Lifetime/Arcaria at 4-2.  They have yet to play each other but OC finishes with winless Greenhill/Tucker while Lifetime finishes with 2-4 Lakes/Way.  So two head to head tilts to decide city playoffs, QT (not called QT anymore) and sitting home.

4.5 C – SpringPark/Aguilar is the only undefeated team but they finish wish second place and one loss Oak Creek/Probadi.   SP holds a substantial line lead though so first should be theirs.  Second and third then comes down to 5-1 OC, 4-2 Village/Valentin and 4-2 T Bar/McColpin.  Advantage to OC here.  They do have to play SpringPark but they finish with winless Greenhill/Alzuro.   T Bar is a line back of Village but they do have the easier finishing schedule.
As a reminder, the QT level of the playoffs is all three second place teams and either the best third place team or the fall W/C winner in a four team round robin format.  Third place in flight A can finish no better than three losses.  Flight B has a great chance to have a two loss third place team if Oak Creek/Herget-Clark can beat Lifetime/Arcaria or if Lifetime beats both Oak Creek and Lakes/Way.  Flight C has two chances to finish with a two loss third place team.  Best numerical odds at the moment is Village/Valentin with 21 line wins through six matches.  Since Greenhill/Rossouw has the fall W/C and they are winning flight A, it looks like the best third place team will advance to QT this season.


  1. Looks like QT winner will join 3 top first place teams in cities. It will most likely be Greenhill/Rossouw, Brookhaven Harlee, JCC Reiman and Springpark Aguilar. Who is the favorite to win out of this group?

    1. Who cares, bring on the 8.0 & 9.0 mixed. It's all that matters anyway.

    2. I have to say it's a close race between Harlee, Reiman and Aguilar. I don't think Rossouw has enough weapons. Reiman has solid singles....but nothing great at doubles. Harlee has the potential to be very solid at doubles, but lacking at singles. Aguilar is looking to be the most balanced team from singles and doubles.

  2. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly signing up next week.
    You be ready for showdown.
    DTA here I come.