Monday, March 7, 2016

More Old People (and some of them in skirts)

Over 40s 8.0 mixed finals action.

It’s a little hard to get excited about updates when everyone had a bye last week, but here you go.  Since mixed is still pulling over half the posts I did include a little update there as well.


4.5 Flight A – SpringPark/Sweeney is the only undefeated team in 4.5 over 40s.  They have the Lifetime/Arcaria (5-1) makeup match and a season ender against Oak Creek (2-5) to go into the playoffs as the #1 seed.   Greenhill/Rossouw sits at 6-1 but has Brookhaven/Harllee (6-2) still to play.  This is likely an elimination match in this tough flight.  Lifetime has the toughest finish with SpringPark and T Bar (4-3).  Brookhaven remains a very viable wildcard here.  If Brookhaven beats Greenhill and Lifetime stumbles they can still sneak in.  This will be SpringPark and the winner of the Greenhill versus Brookhaven match.

4.5 Flight B – JCC/Reiman sits atop this flight with one loss.  They only need to beat either Gleneagles (3-3) or McKinney (2-5) to wrap up a playoff spot.  Greenhill/Rossouw has virtually clinched a playoff spot, needing to only beat last place Brookhaven to finish its season in at least second place.  This will be JCC and Greenhill.

4.0 – this level is finished.  The seeds in order look like flight winner Huffines/Clark (6-1, 29-6), flight winner Greenhill/Kayser (5-2, 22-13), Brookhaven/Bartlett (5-2, 23-12) and McKinney/Peterson-Frick (5-2, 21-14).  Interestingly, no team got through the 4.0 flights undefeated and only one team failed to win at least two matches.  As usual, 40s seems to be more evenly matched than 18s. 


9.0 – this level is finished.  In order of finish we had Brookhaven/Goswami (9-0, 25-2), Wagon Wheel/Gradick (7-2, 22-5), Oak Creek/Beckner-Sweeney (4-5, 13-14) and T Bar/ Hackett (4-5, 11-16).  That’s some pretty impressive numbers from Brookhaven.

8.0 – this level is finished as well.  In order of finish we had SpringPark/Blesi (7-1, 19-5), Brookhaven/Bartlett (7-1, 19-5), Greenhill/Kayser (6-2, 17-7) and Canyon Creek/Rainwater (6-2, 16-8).  Another very tight level. 


9.0 – in a two team race, Brookhaven/Ware took this level at (7-0, 20-1) over the Brookhaven B team.  Now who would create a second team just so the first one could qualify for sectionals?  Well….see below.

8.0 – in a much more crowed three team level (heh, it’s 50% more teams), Brookhaven/Bartlett is tied with SpringPark/Abbruzzese at 3-2 but Brookhaven has opened up a three line lead over SpringPark.  No matter, the last match of the season has Brookhaven and SpringPark playing for the title.  In the first match, Brookhaven swept Springpark but in the second match SpringPark pulled out a 2-1 win.  Let’s see if SpringPark has lost its luster in mixed or if it can rally.

Fort Worth (Dallas West) 8.0 – in the ever popular zakry versus zacry flight we see that Zkry holds a 4-0, 12-0 record with one match left to play.  At this point I have to like zakary in this flight.  Is it just me or can nobody spell this guy’s name?

I think kudos have to go out to Bartlett, Rossouw and Kayser for fielding multiple quality teams.  Let’s see how many playoff spots they can turn them into.  It also looks at this point like Brookhaven, as a facility, is poised to take the Old Guys Cumulative Title with Greenhill and SpringPark receiving honorable mentions.


  1. Kinda think zkary will pull the upset

  2. With a good weekend, Rossouw could land two playoff spots in Dallas and win Fort Worth. Not a bad weekend for one captain.

  3. Maybe some day he will actually go to natiomals

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