Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fall City Winners

Just to catch you up if you didn't see it already, but here are the winners of the fall city tourney from last weekend.

5.0 Champion - T Bar/Bartzen came through a four team tournament format with a pair of 2-1 wins to take the 5.0 title, defeating JCC/Reiman in the final.  T Bar swept the doubles matches in the final with relatively close wins.  They also swept the doubles in their semi-final match but with relatively easy wins.

4.5 Champion - Greenhill Red/Rossouw over JCC/Reiman with a tight 3-2 win.  Picking these two teams in the finals didn't seem that hard but both advanced on consecutive 3-2 wins in flight play as well.  In the final, it doesn't happen often but JCC swept Greenhill in singles and then Greenhill swept JCC in doubles.  Four of the five matches were close.  It looks like the swing match was a three set win by Kingsley and O'Bannon at line 1 doubles.  Again, congratulations to both these captains for their consistency.

4.0 Champion - McKinney/Kanchi.  While I mused nostalgically about a GTC/Greenhill reunion matchup, you may recall that I also said McKinney had the best team.  It was actually McKinney with a commanding 4-1 win over Brookhaven/Bartlett in the final.  Both teams came out of flight play with 3-0 (10-5) records so while the final may have been 4-1 both teams had to win a couple of 3-2 matches to get out of their respective flights.

3.5 Champion - McKinney/Jones won a four team round robin format.  Jones also took his spring team to sectionals.  Nice job for 2015.

3.0 Champion - there was no playoff but Huffines/Lacy was the flight play champion.


  1. BLA... BLA...

    1. Two whole teams entered. That's got to be exciting.

  2. More like 1 team and some filler.

  3. For some reason the FW team plays a third Trilevel match and kelley beats the league coordinator 0 and 0. what a punk! Bet he acted like a real jerkoff hope they kick his ass out of cowtown too and he moves to mars. total idiot moron!!!

  4. Kelly played with Donnie pollard and won 0-0. Does that mean Donnie is a jerkoff as well? Donnie may be the nicest guy in Dallas tennis.