Thursday, September 10, 2015

4.0 Fall Predictions

Didn’t mean to leave everyone speechless with my recent post.  In efforts to revive the blog a bit and with Murray on leave, I will provide a thread to start the talk on the Fall 4.0 season. 

4.0’s get the Sunday afternoon spot and will be competing with NFL Sunday football.  That always seems to be a wildcard as to which players from each roster place Fall tennis more important than their favorite NFL team. 

I really don’t have the time to dig into each roster and give an in-depth analysis, so I will let you, the poster, provide us with that.  This is just my initial take, and I will be interested to see what actually transpires. 

Flight A –  winner: Oak Creek/Rich          runner-up:   McKinney/Kanchi

Flight B –  winner: Broohaven/Bartlett      runner up:   McKinney/Oh

Flight C -  winner: Greenhill/Ohl               runner up:  Springpark/Abbruzzese   (or vice versa)

Flight D – winner: Huffines/Robbins         runner up:  Oak Creek/Iyer

Your thoughts………


  1. I'm glad this wasn't a 3.5 post. I guess all the 4.0s have nothing to say now that Le and team are heading to Nats. Hopefully Murray will come along and post a 4.5 thread and try to revive this thing.

  2. What is wrong with Murray? He hasn't put much out since sectionals.

  3. Sp vs Greenhill is 5 tiebreakers. 82 year old Tom Alexander wins the deciding match. Way to go old guys.