Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tri-Level 2015 - This Year's Fab Five (never forget Pete Best)

High Tri has five teams and a real mixed bag of contenders.  Here’s my analysis by ranking:

Sgt. Sisk's Lonely Hearts Club Team - So confident were Sisk and Kingsley, they decided to have a team photo taken before the event.  Unfortunately they couldn’t fit the whole team in the camera frame. 

Sisk/Kingsley – Big John has the ever popular Mike Kelly leading his million man army.  This squad is an eclectic bunch but is well represented at every level.  This year’s city competition has some real weak spots so everyone can get qualified (one match), but it will be tough for John not to sit a lot of these guys at sectionals if they advance.  So here’s hoping you enjoy your one match and ‘My team went to sectionals but all I got was this stupid T-shirt’ shirt.  It’s an odd lineup at 4.5 but with Kelly you do have an automatic head start.  The 4.0s have some quality but they didn’t match up well against Houston when they had their chance.  Maybe the new guys will solve that issue.  The 3.5s are probably the best quality foursome for their level.  Based on my research, Dallas was undefeated at the 3.5 line the last few years so we’ll see if these guys can carry the load.  Pickett won it all a few years ago with a group of 4.0s that went 0-4 at cities so anything is possible.  This is a 4.5/3.5 team.



With a Little Help From My Friends - Robinson, Somabut, Carlquist and Bearden rolling up to Canyon Creek still in search of another 4.5.

Keith Robinson – Robinson finally added a second 4.5 and that should edge them into second and a possible wild card, assuming they still have the gas to go every match at a high level.  The 4.0s look to be the strength of this team with some very successful sectionals participants.  They can play with anyone in Dallas.  The 3.5 line is well represented, but I have to think they could be a little bit off the mark.  If they deliver it could be an upset in the making.  More likely looking for a wild card in their Christmas stocking.  This is a 4.0/3.5 team.

Come Together - DeFeo, Hill and McKinney chasing Barry Gibb.

Jerry DeFeo – sold at every level but not outstanding at any.  The dark horse for the wild card if someone takes them lightly.  Another short bench.  They don't have the best line at any level but they don't have the worst either.  I'd put all three of their lines as the third best, so I guess I'd have them third.  See how that works?  Probably not true, but if they can catch Barry Gibb he'd make a great addition.  Lines fairly well balanced but against this competition probably a 4.5/4.0 team.


Carry That Weight - Alzuro in younger days.  

Rene Alzuro – don’t know much about this bunch but tennislink would suggest that their 3.5 line is probably the best.  Another short bench and about to get shorter is my guess.  This team only has two 4.5s (did Vahdat just enter the wrong team number?).  I don’t know Knight so I looked him up and saw that he self rated on September 14, 2014 so he can’t even play in tri-level.  They have plenty of 4.0s so I guess Vahdat gets his pick.  Didn't Alzuro play the 4.5 line last year too?  Not knowing who's playing 4.5 or 4.0 I'm not sure what this team is.  I do think their 3.5s can pull off some wins though.  

The Beatles Yesterday

Yesterday - Minter fondly recalling 4.0.

Mike Minter – only seven guys so it will be hard to finish with much left in the tank. Minter/Rajani were an odd but effective 4.0 team but this isn't 4.0.  After that it gets a little sketchy.  Not great at any level but could challenge for fourth depending on who Alzuro rolls out for this match. 

Do You Want To Know a Secret? - We don't care about low tri.
A candid shot of the low tri participants before the start of the festivities.

Low Tri – I hate to even attempt this but here it is (sigh):

Rene Alzuro – looks like this team’s strength fades as it goes up the NTRP food chain.  They’ll need to do well at 3.5 & 3.0 to advance.

Roland Love – nice guys, nice team, but doesn’t look like they have enough.

Brian Burson – I can honestly say I know no one on this team.  Maybe that should make them the favorites.


  1. The pictures say it all. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

  2. Rene signed up a self rate?

    1. And Kelly has no chance against a self rate. This may single handedly disqualify Alzuro from pimp of the year. This kind of stupidity is not very pimp worthy.

    2. An embarrassment to pimps everywhere.

  3. Great post. Sisk's care looks as ghey as Sgt. Pepper.