Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3.5 Wrap Up - Show 'em The Love, They Get The Same Towels That We Get

Hey, ma, check out the new unis!  We're headed to sectionals and don't we look good.

In case you missed it on Sports Center, Dallas had a 3.5 city playoff and someone played.  Someone even won.  I got this report over four or five beers so what they got right and what I actually remember is a matter to be decided by someone who might know or care.  Here’s what stuck with me:

The number one seed played two matches and only won three lines.  Huh?  How did they do the seeding?  Must be the same guys that do the Big 12 pre-season football polls. 

There is a hole in the back fence at Brookhaven next to the barn where a group of 3.5s thought they were at Fenway trying to hit it over the Green Monster.  I’ve noticed this at tri-level.  The lower the level, the harder they seem to try and hit it.  No matter where it goes.  Remember, insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome.

It looked like old, grainy footage of high school girl’s doubles.  Ok, that was my interpretation, but the serve and volley is evidently dead at this level.  Maybe that’s a good thing considering all the over hitting.

This crowd must like the E-Entertainment channel because evidently there was a surplus of neon.  I’ve noticed this one since I was a kid.  Under the same theory that brought us ‘if you can’t do it, coach it’, we have ‘if you can’t play it, wear it’.  Show me a team full of color coordinated opponents and I’ll show you a sure win.  As Adolf once said in his famous video, what am I going to do with all these team uniforms?  No self-respecting 4.5 wears a team uniform.

But someone did win.  And while there were only three teams at cities, two of them will go to sectionals.  So in retrospect, maybe they know something we don’t.  Congrats to Fretz/Nguyen who will be representing Dallas as the city champion and congrats to High Point/Gardner who will be at sectionals as the wildcard.   And, of course, this year they only have three sectionals flights so someone will come in second and still play in the semis.  Sounds better and better the more I think about it.


  1. And if you have any more of those snappy uniforms, I'm a 42 long.

    1. Pretty sure those are the new nationals captains jackets

  2. Is that a young Bill Kaiser on the far left?

  3. You might be right about Kaiser, he does tend to show up in a lot of photos!