Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Team Arcaria Finishes 2nd at Tri-Level Nationals

Congratulations to Shawn Arcaria’s 3.5/4.0/4.5 Tri-Level men’s team, which reached the National Final this past weekend at Indian Wells. Way to go, Team Fort Worth. What a huge accomplishment. Captain Arcaria’s team members are, as they appear in the photo below, Jean Nguyen, Ryan Delapaz, Noeh Romero,  Shawn Arcaria, Jason Kern, Eric Gordon, Stephen Bennett, Manolo Diaz-Marta, Drew Schultz, and Mother Fucking Bill Kaiser. The Forrest Gump of Men's Tennis. One trip to the Nationals with Father Bob's 3.5 team, One trip to the Nationals with Arcaria's Tri team, and the cover boy of the 2011 USTA Guide book on how to be a USTA Captain. Where will he show up next?
Here are some other interesting pictures I found of Mr Kaiser.
Despite his total lack of coordination and Big Bird-esqe physique he is able to put himself in the middle of the action. Who is this enigma that seems to find his way into tennis History?

Not just on the edge, but at times, the very center.

Some say that he is immortal and can be found through out tennis history! 

If you have and information about this mysterious man please leave it below.

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