Friday, June 17, 2011

4.5 Update - How Things change

Flight A - Once again, we have a cat fight here for #2. I think I will stick with my opinion that this was the toughest flight due to 2 weeks left and 4 teams competing for the last playoff spot in the flight! JCC is technically in the catbird seat, with 3 wins up and two of the easier matches for the last 2 weeks. Not away to gear up for QT as I would want my harder matches last, but if they don't get 5-0 wins this week and next week, they could find themselves behind to whomever won the Garland/TBar unreported slug fest!!! (TBar is 4 wins behind them with the Garland match...AGAIN...unreported. - Must of been a rainout).

Hard to believe the QT winner might come down to whom can beat up on the lesser teams in the flight over the next 2 weeks. Collin County and LB Houston have got to be pretty unhappy that even though they have a combined 1 team win, the matches they play over the next 2 weeks greatly impact the playoffs. woh woh wohhhhh.

Flight B - Well well well. We have surprises here. Of course RO wins the flight, but low and behold, who would of thought that Mr. Bartlett and The Beatles would be in control of QT in Flight B? Not I sure. Especially after having such a crappy Fall showing. How could this happen? Is Bartlett giving pep talks before matches to rally the boys? Maybe we need to do checks for HGH on that team? I think I noticed that Bobby Smith hat size has grown about 3 sizes since last year, could he be on "the juice"? All I know is something is going on here, cause here they are solidly in the playoffs.

Flight C - Another blog surprise with Oak Creek Herget in the driver's seat ahead of pre season favorites Noel & Rossouw. I don't get why Rossouw and Noel keep trying to snatch defeat from victory, but the generosity of both teams is unprecedented from my memory!!!! The playoffs start SUNDAY in this flight!!! Rossouw is favored by 2 lines with two weeks left. HOWEVER, the next 2 teams they play are ALSO fighting for a playoff spot and they are only up by 2 lines to BH / Harlee. A lot of sleepless nights for Rossouw over the next 2 weeks. Oh the humanity!!! Should Rossouw slip up we have .... HARLEE pushing hard for the QT spot! They play one team that is still in the the playoff hunt with Juhn. With a Noel loss to Rossouw and a Juhn win over Harlee, Juhn has an outside chance as well to make the playoffs. I would dig down further, to figure it all out, but, nah, I am feeling too lazy to dig all that up. I will let you propeller heads figure the If, then statements. Long story short. We also have 4 teams pushing for that last QT spot with a team that I never gave a chance sitting in 1st place.

Good Luck Gentlemen and have a fun week!